THE SIBLINGS Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri founded AMEDEI in Tuscany in 1990. Since then their chocolate has attracted much attention, especially with their award-winning Chuao bar, introduced in 2004. The cocoa from the Chuao region of Venezuela is a particularly pure Criollo. Besides the two single-origin bars and I Cru single-origin tasting box reviewed below, AMEDEI also produces a range of blended chocolate bars, truffles and filled chocolates.

AMEDEI chocolate can be found in high-end delicatessen stores in large cities such as Paris, London and Berlin. In its home of Tuscany it can be found more easily - we came across it in Florence and Pisa. It also is available on the websites (UK).

AMEDEI has a store in Pisa, Italy, at the following address:

Via San Gervasio, 29, 56020 La Rotta, Pontedera, Pisa, Italy

Tel. +390587484849, Fax +390587483208



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Venezuela, South America

This bar is rather well known in chocolate tasting circles, and some regard it to be one of the best chocolate bars of all. Our impression was certainly very positive too. The bar carries stronger Criollo flavours than most Venezuelan Criollos, which generally tend to be mellower in comparison to Criollos from Madagascar and Indonesia. The Criollo taste is joined by a complex array of other flavours, most noticably fruit (we believed to recognize both berry fruit and citrus). The finish is warm and is followed by a slightly dry aftertaste. The only downside to this bar in our opinion is its slightly brittle texture, which detracts from its fine and complex flavours. The cocoa is from the Chuao region in Venezuela, which produces some of the purest Criollo.

In addition to the Chuao bar, AMEDEI also produces the 9 and Porcelana bars and six (more recently introduced) single origin bars from Venezuela, Granada, Madagascar, Jamaica, Trinidad and Ecuador, which also come as small tasting squares. Furthermore there are a number of other, non-single-origin products and products with added ingredients.

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