DESPITE ITS FRENCH NAME L'ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT is a purely British enterprise based in London. Founded in 1999 (under the name of L'Atelier du Chocolat) by Gerard Coleman and Anne Weyns, the chocolate of this Irish-Belgian couple rapidly entered the world of Michelin-starred gastronomy, featuring in the restaurants of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal within the next two years. L'ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT sells a wide range of filled chocolates, liquid salted caramels (for which they are famous) and other confectionary as well as single origin bars from six origins, discussed below.


Stores: There are two L'ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT three stores in London:

(Chelsea) 89 Lower Sloane Street, London SW1W 8DA,
open Mon-Sat 10-7, and Sundays 12-5.

(Notting Hill) 81 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UL,
open Mon-Sat 10-7, and Sundays 12-5.

There are also outlets in the Selfridges stores in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and there is also a factory shop:

The Long Barrow, Orbital Park, Ashford, Kent TN24 0GA, open Mon-Fri 9-5.30 (prior notice required).

And a stall at Borough Market in London, Thu 11-5, Fri 12-6, Sat 9-5.

Availability: Apart from the above locations the L'ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT produce can also be bought from the website which has an online shop selling the entire range.


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JAVA 72%
Java, Indonesia

This well-balanced Trinitario bar from Java brings a dense earthy dryness to the mouth with flavours of wine, tobacco and copper.


This unusually dark Madagascar bar carries sour notes of gooseberry combined with hints of blackberry. These flavours form an interesting contrast to the citrus aromas which are typical of Madagascan bars, and make this bar an interesting addition to a Madagascan tasting comparison.

Update: Sadly this bar seems to no longer be available.

The other five origins of L'ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT chocolate are from the Panama, Haiti, Vietnam, Congo and Colombia. The Panama and Java bars also come in a dark milk (40%) version. There is also a 100% bar, a lactose-free milk bar and two sugar-free bars (one dark, one milk).

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