THIS ITALIAN CHOCOLATE MAKER pays great attention to the origin of the cocoa and has a good range of single-origin chocolate bars, almost all of which come from South America. As DOMORI gives more information on the bean type (including the sub-clone) than most other manufacturers, their range offers a good opportunity to compare the differences between different South American Criollo and Trinitario varieties.

Availability: DOMORI can be found in many upmarket food stores, and is thus one of the more widespread brands of high quality chocolate. It can also be ordered online from (US).

Stores: DOMORI does not have any stores of its own, but instead relies on an international network of distributors, from which their chocolate can be ordered. They also take orders on their own website.

UK Distributor: Guidetti Fine Foods, Astbury Road, SE152NW London, UK,
Tel. +442076359800, Fax +442076359819


US Distributor: Sparrow Enterprises Ltd, 98 R Condor Street, East Boston, Boston, USA
Tel.+16175693900, Fax +16175695888


Check on the DOMORI website for details of further distributors in Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland.


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Indonesia, South East Asia

This Criollo bar provides an intense and complex tasting experience, in which the acidity of lime is accompanied by woodsmoke overtones. Earthy notes and the bitterness of coffee beans join in before a finish and aftertaste which once again brings the smoke notes to the fore.

Venezuela, South America

While this is a very good, rich bar with a fine finish, it lacks the complexity and full-bodied, striking flavours which would make it exceptional.

Venezuela, South America

This bar offers a very distinctive tasting experience with complex flavours including tobacco, wood, fruit, nuts and mushrooms. The Puertofino is made from the Ocumare 67 sub-clone of Criollo, which is much rarer than its cousin the Ocumare 61.

PURO 100%
Venezuela, South America

Pure chocolate is not for the faint-hearted, and if you are going to try some, this is perhaps not the best one to start with. As chocolate with 100% is best not chewed, but left to dissolve slowly in the mouth, the slightly fatty texture of Puro makes it less pleasant than other pure chocolates we have sampled, and detracts from the taste. The flavours are distinctly flat, and unlike in other 100% bars, do not diffuse throughout the mouth. Definitely an acquired taste, but worth trying if you want to explore the spectrum of pure chocolates.

Update: This bar has been replaced by the Il Blend, Il 100% bar.

Madagascar, Africa

This excellent and highly complex bar starts off before even entering the mouth, with an aroma of tobacco. The actual tasting experience begins with a banana-like sweetness which evolves into more acidic notes of sour apples and cherries. The taste then mellows into flavours of treacle, liquorice and caramel before a dry hazelnut finish. An outstanding tasting bar.

Update: Sadly this bar no longer seems to be available.

Madagascar, Africa

This bar carries rich, strong citrus notes of orange and lemon which lead into a pleasing finish and nutty aftertaste. Not very complex, but well-executed.

Update: This bar no longer seems to be available.

There are a number of other DOMORI bars (origin is Venezuela unless specified otherwise): Puertomar (Ocumare 61), Sur del Lago Clasificado, Arriba (Ecuador), Apurimac (Peru), Canoabo (rare Criollo sub-clone), Chuao (Criollo), Rio Caribe Superior and Sambirano (Madagascar), among others.

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