ONE OF THE FEW INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE PRODUCERS from the homeland of chocolate, the Venezuelan company EL REY - a family business founded in 1929 - sells most of its chocolate in the United States where it is one of the major players in the market for fine chocolate.


Stores: The EL REY website features an extensive list of retailers in the United States which carry EL REY chocolate. All bars are made from Venezuelan Carenero Superior Trinitario.

Availability: In addition to the stores, EL REY chocolate can also be purchased online from its website.


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Venezuela, South America

This dark milk bar starts with notes of coffee which blossom into full flavours of caramel, honey and vanilla with spicy warmth containing hints of ginger.

BUCARE 58.5%
Venezuela, South America

This bar did not impress us particularly. The low percentage for a non-milk bar means a high sugar content which masks the subtler flavours of the cocoa.

There are three more EL REY bars from the same cocoa, the Mijao (61%), the Gran Saman (70%) and the Apamate (73.5%).

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