LIKE MOST OF THE French chocolatiers on this site, JEAN-PAUL HEVIN also won a Meilleur Ouvrir de France award, for patisserie, in 1986. During the 80s he worked in Japan, and has maintained links with the country -- four of his shops are in Paris, eight in Japan, and a further four in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan. The shop on the rue Saint-Honore also has a Salon de The. Among his creations are chocolate sculptures, such as high-heeled women's shoes, a large selection of patisseries, as well as an impressive array of single-origin bars (see below).

Availability: JEAN-PAUL HEVIN chocolate can be bought from the website website as well as in the stores in Paris and Japan.


Paris Flagship: 231, rue Saint-Honore, 75001 Paris, Tel: +33 (0)1 55 35 35 96, Fax : +33 (0)1 55 35 35 97

Details of the other stores can be found here.



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Papua New Guinea, South East Asia

This full-bodied and warm chocolate exhibits citrus flavours and spice, before culminating in a perfect finish and warm lingering aftertaste.

Madagascar, Africa

In this good example of a Madagascan origin bar, we encounter strong notes of citrus fruit with hints of wood, again carried to an excellent, long finish.

Venezuela, South America

Sweeter flavours which develop into a dry, bitter, spicy warmth with hints of fruit are pleasant enough but left us less impressed than with the other bars.

JEAN-PAUL HEVIN's wide range encompasses 9 further single-origin bars: Apurima (Peru, C/T), Caracas (Venezuela, T/F), Carupano (Venezuela), Colombie (Colombia, T), Ecuador (T), Haiti (C/T), Java (Indonesia, C/F), Madagascar (C), Perou (Peru, T), Piura (Northern Peru, C/T), Principe (F), Sao Tome (F), Trinite (Trinidad, T), Venezuela (T), and a special selection of four bars: Piaora (Venezuela, C/F), Coro (Venezuela, Chuao Criollo), Aria (100%, Madagascar, C), Home (Fair Trade)

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