FOUNDED IN 1977 BY one of the world's most renowned chocolatiers, the French Robert Linxe, LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT today has outlets in Paris, Cannes, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and enjoys a very good reputation. Besides a wide range of individual chocolates of high quality, LA MAISON DU CHOCOLATE also offers a fairly small number of high quality bars (see below), including a Porcelana bar and a very good 100% bar.


Stores: LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT has eleven shops in Paris, one in Cannes, three in London, four in New York, three in Tokyo and five in Hong Kong. Some are listed below:


225, rue du Faubourg St-Honore (8th arr.), Tel. +33142273944, Mon--Sat 10--7.30, Sun 10--1

52, rue Francois 1er (8th arr.), Tel. +33147233825, Mon--Sat 10--7.30

8, boulevard de la Madeleine (9th arr.), Tel. +33147428652, Mon--Sat 10--7.30}

19, rue de Sevres (6th arr.), Tel. +33145442040, Mon--Sat 10--7.30}

There are seven more shops in Paris.


46 Piccadilly, W1J 0DS, Tel. +442072878500, Mon--Sat 10--7, Sun 12--6

Harrods, 87--135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7XL, Tel. +442077301234, Mon--Sat 10--9, Sun 12--6

Selfridges & Co, 400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB London, Mon--Sat 9.30-9, Sun 12--6.

New York:

1018 Madison Avenue, NY 10021, Tel. +12127447117, Mon--Sat 10--7, Sun 12--6

30 Rockefeller Center, NY 10020, Tel. +12122659404, Mon--Fri 9.30--7, Sat 10--7, Sun 12--6

There are three more shops in New York.

Details of all shops, including those in Tokyo and Hong Kong, can be found here.

Availability: LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT chocolate appears to only be available in the eleven stores listed above, or by ordering from the LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT website.


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Venezuela, South America This bar stands out among the LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT offerings as the only serious attempt at making single-origin chocolate, making use of the exclusive Porcelana Criollo bean, in this case grown in Venezuela. Perhaps a slight pity is relatively low percentage, which means that the bar is sweeter and the cocoa has less of a chance to shine. Nevertheless this is a delightful bar with hints of vanilla and berry, and a hazelnut finish. Like with other Porcelana bars, expect perfection in terms of balance, but no surprises or very much complexity in terms of the flavour spectrum.

CORO 100%

A very good introduction to the pure bar. Unlike some other 100% bars, this one is a thoroughly satisfying experience. A small piece, left to dissolve on the tongue, will slowly reveal an extremely rich and fulfilling taste with hints of fruit. The texture of the chocolate during this process also remains good, and not fatty.


This bar is rather sweet and comes with hints of fudge. Overall a pleasant experience but not perhaps as exciting as you would expect from such a prolific house.

Update: This bar is no longer sold.


Noticably more bitter than Maracaibo, this bar is also richer and fuller in taste, with notes of coffee and a dry but pleasant aftertaste.

Update: This bar is no longer sold.

Other bars by LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT include Monsera (37%), Akosombo (68%) and Cuana (74%), as well as two bars with nuts Talamanca (37%, hazelnuts) and Marao (60%, almonds). There is also a bar of cooking chocolate (Kuruba).

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