A GROWING NETWORK of chocolate-related websites offers chocolate-related information of all kinds, from tasting notes to recipes. The internet also makes it a lot easier to get hold of your favourite bar, as most chocolatiers have online shops these days. For details on chocolatiers' websites see their individual pages (menu on the right). is a British internet forum dedicated to fine chocolate. The people who run it also organize tasting evenings. Everyone can post their own tasting notes and discuss chocolate. is the website of The Chocolate Society, founded in the UK in 1991 to promote fine chocolate. They also have an online shop selling Valrhona bars among other things, and a shop in Belgravia (London). is the website of the British company Chocolate Trading Co. which sells a wide variety of fine chocolate products including bars of many of the chocolatiers discussed here. offers a large variety of fine chocolate to customers in the US, including many of the chocolatiers mentioned on this website. is a highly successful Parisian food blog (in English!) with many references to the French chocolatiers on this page and mouth-watering recipes. is the homepage of the International Cocoa Organization with a wealth of cocoa-related information.

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