NOW ONE OF THE best-known chocolatiers of France, MICHEL CLUIZEL started making chocolate in 1948. Among individual chocolates, dragees and a range of blended bars, he also has the particularly interesting range of 1ers Crus de Plantation, which he started in 1997. These five bars each contain cocoa from a specific plantation, and are therefore "single-origin" in the truest sense. It is these we will focus on here, since they offer the most interesting tasting experience.

MICHEL CLUIZEL is one of the more widespread brands and can be found in numerous fine food stores and chocolate shops in the UK and France, as well as in two outlets in Paris and New York:

201, rue Saint-Honore
75001 Paris
Tel. +33142441166
Fax +33142441170
open Mon-Sat 10-7
(closed in August)

584 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY

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Chocosphere (US) and The Chocolate Trading Company (UK) also sell MICHEL CLUIZEL chocolate.


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Venezuela, South America

The cocoa in this bar is of the highly-regarded Carenero* Trinitario variety. Expect a dry edge with spicy warmth bringing flavours of cinnamon and cloves, and a hint of orange.

*MICHEL CLUIZEL spells it Caranero, when referring to the produce of this particular plantation. The consensus for the name of the bean variety however seems to be Carenero.

Dominican Republic, Carribean

This bar from a Carribean origin offers sweet, fruity notes reminiscent of banana and is an altogether pleasant experience, but without any big surprises or a very grand finish.


Given its relatively low cocoa content this bar is fairly bitter, and offers a rich taste with hints of raisin. A pleasurable experience, but not an extraordinary one.

Papua New Guinea

In our opinion the best bar of the 1ers Crus range, this bar surprises with intense and sweet flavours of fruit and raisin with a hint of smoke and the richness of a good wine.

Sao Tome, West Africa

A good addition to any tasting event, this distinctive bar with cocoa from the West African island of Sao Tome offers dry, brittle flavours of tobacco and a lingering aftertaste.

Note: This bar has been replaced by the Vila Gracinda (67%) bar from Sao Tome.

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