IN THE YEAR 2000, at the age of 31, PATRICK ROGER won the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrir de France award. He is based in Sceaux near Paris, but also has a shop in the heart of the capital, on boulevard St-Germain. He is particularly famous for his chocolate sculptures --- one of a mammoth tooth won him the Meilleur Ouvrir. Still a rising star, with friends such as the pastry-god Pierre Herme, he offers an interesting variety of individual chocolates with unusual ingredients such as passion fruit, lime, lemon and thyme. The subject of our reviews however will be his outstanding selection of 25 pure origin bars.

PATRICK ROGER has seven shops in and around Paris now, and he recently opened an online boutique. The oldest Paris store is:

108, boulevard St-Germain, 75006 Paris, (Metro line 4, Odeon), Tel. +33143293842, Fax +33143293843, Mon--Sat 10.30--7.30

Details of the remaining stores can be found here.



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Indonesia, South East Asia

An outstanding bar, with a full and complex Criollo flavour featuring strong notes of berry fruits, wood, spice, smoke and tobacco. This warm and rich experience ends with an excellent finish and a dry aftertaste.

Trinidad, South America

With this rather good bar, expect flavours of cinnamon and fruit, and a warm, pleasant dryness which extends into the aftertaste.

Madagascar, Africa

This pleasing bar has the rich, honey-like sweetness of a dessert wine and contains notes of hazelnut and mushrooms, as well as hints of orange blossoms.

Madagascar, Africa

This excellent and highly complex bar impresses with strong flavours of brazil nut and marmite, as well as notes of citrus and burnt caramel.

Papua, South East Asia

This earthy bar carries notes of coffee and berry fruit, and is well balanced and smooth.

CUBA 75%
Cuba, Carribean

This is an unusually interesting Cuban bar, with notes of treacle and mint. The finish is dry.

PATRICK ROGER has a further 21 (!) bars, including single origin bars from Venezuela (70% and 75%), the Indian Ocean, Madagascar (70% and 75%), the Carribean, the Antilles, Ecuador (70%, 75% and 80%), Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brasil, Tanzania, Sao Tome, Cuba and Colombia.

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