PIERRE HERME has been called the "Picasso of Pastry" and is one of the most accomplished patissiers in France (and therefore probably also in the world). His highly original creations include macarons with flavours such as white truffle, olive oil or the intriguing combination of foie gras & chocolate. He also produces a few chocolate bars, but seems to have discontinues the two single-origin ones in his collection. The remainder are all flavoured. One of these that stands out is the Melissa bar (reviewed below).

Availability: PIERRE HERME has two shops in Paris, two in London, and a number of outlets in Tokyo. The shops in Paris and London are:

Paris, 6th arr., 72, rue Bonaparte; Tel : +33 (1) 43 54 47 77; Mon-Fri, Sun 10-7; Sat 10-7.30

Paris, 15th arr., 185, rue de Vaugirard; Tel : +33 (1) 47 83 89 96; Tue-Wed 10-7; Thu-Sat 10-7.30; Sun 10-6; Mon closed

London SW1X, 13 Lowndes Street ; Tel : +44 (0)207 245 03 17; Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5

London W1A 1AB, Selfridges (ground floor), 400 Oxford Street; Tel : +44 (0)207 318 39 08; Mon-Sat 9.30-9; Sun 12-6

The outlets in Tokyo are detailed on the PIERRE HERME website:



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We steer clear of most bars without a defined origin, but this phenomenal piece of chocolate craftsmanship cannot be left out. A beautiful dark milk bar, enriched with the world's finest sea salt (fleur de sel), it starts off with notes of caramel, and burnt toffee. As we approach the endless finish, the salt comes to the fore, but never unbalances the flavours. One of the best milk chocolate bars on the planet.

JAVA 75%
Indonesia, South East Asia
This extremely well-balanced bar starts off with notes of caramel and coffee, followed by flavours of orange and grapefruit before ending in a rich and pleasant finish.

Update: This bar seems to no longer be sold.

Madagascar, Africa
Another well-executed piece of chocolatier craftsmanship, this bar carries a distinct note of hazelnut and orange and finishes with a hint of coffee.

Update: This bar seems to no longer be sold.