THIS 100% CHOCOLATE is produced - from bean to bar - by UK-based chocolate artisan Willie Harcourt-Cooze. He has his own plantation in Venezuela and started out producing Trinitario of the Rio Caribe and Carenero Superior varieties. More recently this range has expanded to a total of eight varieties, sold in 100% blocks (apart from one, at 72%). Five of them also come as bars of around 70%, of which we review one below. WILLIE'S CACAO chocolate is perhaps most interesting for baking and cooking, but the recent addition of bars means that they might become a more serious contender on the tasting front. The 100% stuff also makes an excellent hot chocolate - with a little added sugar.

Availability: WILLIE'S CACAO can be found in a number of shops, a list of which can be found here.




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Madagascar, Africa

Not surprisingly for a Madagascan bar, we encounter strong notes of citrus fruit. The finish is very pleasant and long, with hints of hazelnut.

The other bars by WILLIE'S CACAO are Rio Caribe Superior (72%, Venezuela), Hacienda Las Trincheras (72%, Venezuela), Javan Light Breaking (69%, Indonesia), and San Martin (70%, Peru).

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